M.Sc. Nehal Baganal-Krishna

Academic Staff

M.Sc. Nehal Baganal-Krishna

S-GW 108
+49 201 18-3 5382
Universität Duisburg-Essen
Gerlingstr. 16
45127 Essen, Germany


Nehal obtained his Bachelor's in Engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University, India in 2018 and his Master’s in Communication Technology from Universität Ulm in 2021. The title of his Master's Thesis was “ The study of impact of packet transmission strategy on receiver’s  Age of Information”.  The thesis is about the design and study of three packet transmission strategies aiming to increase the freshness of the receiver.

He joined NCS as a research assistant in June 2021 and works in the area of Data Plane Programmability and Network Virtualization.


5G-IANA : aims at providing an open 5G experimentation platform, on top of which third party experimenters in the Automotive-related 5G-PPP vertical will have the opportunity to develop, deploy and test their services. An Automotive Open Experimental Platform (AOEP) will be specified, as the whole set of hardware and software resources that provides the compute and communication/transport infrastructure as well as the management and orchestration components, coupled with an enhanced NetApp Toolkit tailored to the Automotive sector. 5G IANA will expose to experimenters secured and standardized APIs for facilitating all the different steps towards the production stage of a new service. 5G-IANA will target different virtualization technologies integrating different MANO frameworks for enabling the  eployment of the end-to-end network services across different domains (vehicles, road infrastructure, MEC nodes and cloud resources).


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