Wed, 06. Mar. 2024   Tran, Tuan-Dat

ENVELOPE: New research project on 6G solutions

The EU-funded research project ENVELOPE is running at our research group. The project aims to advance connected mobility by developing an adaptive network architecture for the upcoming 6G mobile communication standard. Specifically focused on addressing challenges in integrating various services related to connected driving, ENVELOPE is working on creating a software-defined networking solution. This includes designing interfaces tailored to the specific needs of connected driving, allowing mobility services to access networks, provide information to networks about participating services, and facilitating real-time adjustments to network configurations. The project's efforts extend to establishing test fields for connected and autonomous driving with the "Beyond 5G" architecture in Italy, the Netherlands, and Greece. The insights gained from ENVELOPE's work are expected to benefit not only connected mobility but also other industries, such as industrial automation.