SHK: Quantum Network Simulation

Quantum Network Simulation

Quantum Internet is a network that allows the communication between quantum computers. Such communication require new infrastructure and protocols different from that used for the classical internet. Thus, the direction towards developing new protocols and methods for quantum internet has recently gained a lot of importance and attention. Quantum network simulators are used to simulate the quantum internet and evaluate and compare the new ideas and protocols.

More information about the quantum internet can be found here Quantum Internet: The future of Internetworking  

More information about the network simulator to be used (Netsquid) can be found here Netsquid


  • Completed or curretly doing a bachelor's degree in computer science or electrical engineering and information technology and matriculation at a German university.
  • Very good English knowledge.
  • Programming Knowledge  ( Python/ C++)

Main Tasks

  • Using "Netsquid" to implement and simulate the quantum internet.

Start time

As soon as possible

Contract duration

Up to 6 months

Work time

8 hours per week