WiMi positions at NCS

We are always looking for excellent and motivated doctoral candidates and postdocs who are interested in working on problems at the cutting edge of networking and performance evaluation methods. 

In general, the NCS group we are looking for colleagues interested in areas of (i) programmable data planes and (ii) analytical modelling and optimization of communication networks and systems.  Applications in this scope include the development of online optimization techniques for network decision processes, characterization of real-time communication systems, and resource management in programmable networks. 

SHK/WHK positions at NCS

We are always looking for talented students assistants to join our research work on the topics of networking and preformance evaluation. If you would like to work as a student assistant (SHK / WHK) in our group, please send an email with your application to Prof. Rizk or to the respective member of the group that you would like to work with. Please attach your current transcript and CV as pdf in your email.

Since most topics require prior knowledge of networking, we strongly encourage interested students to take at least some of the relevant networking courses at UDE.

Open positions:

1.  SHK / WHK position in programming caching systems

2.  SHK / WHK position for Programming Tofino Switch 

3.  SHK / WHK position for DPDK programming

4.  SHK / WHK position in Deep learning for Computer Vision

5.  SHK / WHK position for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection